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We understand that managing your properties from halfway across the world is extremely difficult.

Having seen and helped out friends and family with verifying ownership documents, taking possession of properties, and investing with the right checklist, I decided to make it easy for the NRI & OCI community across the world, with a one-stop solution to all your real estate needs in India.

We understand that you might have issues regarding:

Apartments and Land

Ownership Issues


  1. Buying, Selling, Renting Apartments and Land​​

  2. Legal due diligence for Purchase and Sales

  1. Issues of Ownership and Government Records

  2. Claiming Inheritance / Ancestral Property

  3. Any other issues

1. Developing your land / bungalow into an apartment building / office / hotel-resort / warehousing


We understand that it is your hard-earned money and family wealth and we work hard to make sure it is safely in your hands. We aim to make the experience easy, safe, and pleasant for you.


We advise you on the best approach to resolve issues and after you give us the go ahead, we take care of all the logistics on your behalf.
 Given our extensive experience, we understand how real estate works in India.

The team is comprised of former government officials and real estate industry professionals with extensive experience. The team earlier worked together at Indiabulls Real Estate, where they were responsible for execution of 30 real estate projects across 16 cities in India with a total saleable area of 33 million square feet.

We believe that a common sensical approach with practical tips, to manage all aspects of managing your asset with respect to legal, government, logistics and an understanding of the market scenario.

Our approach is to work as your partner, keeping you informed of the on the ground situation before taking any steps or making any decisions.

We schedule a call at your convenience, and draw up the list of documents required, stages involved, and the expected time frame.


Office: 202, Green Terrace, Lane 5, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra


We have received your message and shall reach out to you shortly.

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