Given our experience, we understand how real estate law works in India. We believe a common sensical approach with practical tips, clauses and follow-ups on procedural matters, including in the government offices, avoid and resolve most issues and cut costs.


Probably the biggest nagging issue which needs constant monitoring and upkeep. We help you fill the void of your absence and take care of all logistics as per your instructions.

Land management:                            Apartment management:
-  Security                                         -  Housekeeping
-  Fencing                                         -  Concierge services
-  Compliances                                 - Tenant search & verification
Building Management                      - Repairs & Renovation
-  Upkeep & maintenance                - Rent Collection

Compliances                                 - Compliances


Real estate investment can be most rewarding even though it has its own pitfalls. Our approach is to work as your partner keeping you informed of the on the ground situation before you take a decision.