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Resolving Litigation

Resolving Ownership Issues

Updation of Property Records

Verification of Property Records

Tenant Verification

Rent and Sale Agreements

Rent and Sale Registrations


Undelivered Flat Issues with Builder

Resolving Other Issues with Builder

Land Management

Apartment Management

Building Management


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Safety of your investment is of paramount importance. Nothing else matters.

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Communication and updates on a periodic basis is key. Very proactive and keep the customer informed of the progress.


Extensive industry experience: to address your pain points. Our parent company is in the business of real estate development. Therefore, we have in house expertise and experience on all aspects of real estate and property management across India. 

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Fee is extremely low, even though it is a function of the complexity of your requirements. 

Flexible Payment Planning

Ease of Business

Easy, safe, pleasant & profitable. More than just business, It is a joy for us to be associated with you and help you unlock the value of your asset.

Quick Response

Not only at the time of signing up, but also during the entire cycle of the issue until the resolution, we are available on holidays and weekends too. Please feel to reach out to us anytime.

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Value for money

Insights into industry practices and cutting costs rather than just dishing out standard templates. 

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Trust, transparency & long-term relationships are the pillars of our company. 

Partnership approach

Strategizing together as partners to 
Confidence building
Quick responses to evolving situations
Resolve issues.





Managing your properties from faraway is extremely difficult. Having seen and helping out friends and family facing issues relating to verifying ownership documents, taking possession of properties, dealing with compliances and investing with the right checklist, we decided to use our expertise in making it easy for asset owners..

We understand that it is your hard-earned money and family wealth and we work hard to make sure it is safely in your hands. We aim to make the experience easy, safe, and pleasant for you.

Probably the biggest nagging issue which needs constant monitoring and upkeep. We advise you on the best approach to resolve issues and take care of all the logistics on your behalf.
 Given our extensive experience, we understand how real estate law works in India. We believe that a common sensical approach with practical tips, taking care while drafting agreements and follow-ups on procedural matters, including in the government offices, helps avoid and resolve most issues and cut costs.

Real estate investment can be most rewarding even though it has its own pitfalls. Our approach is to work as your partner keeping you informed of the on the ground situation before you take a decision

We schedule a call at your convenience, and draw up the list of documents required, stages involved, and the expected time frame. We charge a flat fee for our services, depending on the amount of work involved. All other expenses extra.



The form has been submitted. We look forward to helping you resolve your challenges.